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In Memoriam – A Rose Petal

By Surinder Kumar Narula



Biji is gone, heavenward!

She flies to carve out an eternal niche;

Free from turmoil's of life,

To find an abode and abide in bliss.


She has left lasting imprints,

Here on the sands of time;

A glorious life of content and peace sublime.


Benedictions, Smiles and unconditional love,

Poured out to all with light divine;

She longed intensely to feel

His presence to fill her heart,

With Hymns and songs, she lit her life.


A Rose petal she was,

Doing her own things and helping others,

All the while without any rewards;

She left chanting His name and the glory till the end.


She will be remembered decades to come,

And inspire all her kith and kin.


The sum and substratum of her life

Lay in these two lines (of an Urdu poet)


"Mita de apni hasti ko gar tu martaba chahe,

Ke dana khak mein' mil kar gule gulzar hota hai"


In English, this can be translated as


"If you want to blossom and fructify in life,

You have to annihilate your Ego for the happiness of others"


14 May 2007