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The author, Sanjeev Sabhlok has worked in the public sectors in India and Australia.


This book (currently manuscript), written as a conversation from one layman to another, lays out the theory and institutions of freedom. The authorís earlier book, Breaking Free of Nehru, was conceptualized as a single book, A Short History of Freedom, in early 2005. Since it kept growing it was split into two. This is the second of the two parts of essentially the one book. While the first part was particularly relevant to Indians, this part is relevant to anyone, anywhere in the world.


This book examines the theoretical foundations of freedom. It then outlines the pillars of freedom and looks at their development in the historical context. India has yet to get freedom and good governance, but so have most parts of the world. This book is a small contribution towards raising awareness of the importance of freedom to all of us. Our future will be determined by how well we understand freedom.

Can you lead India to freedom? Ė then join the Freedom Team of India


If you still have dreams and aspirations for India, then you may want to consider joining the Freedom Team of India. The Freedom Team is looking for at least 1500 leaders to contest elections and take reforms such as those proposed in this book (and Breaking Free of Nehru) to the people. Help take India to freedom.


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a) Comments sought: I am currently seeking readerís comments and feedback on the draft manuscript at this blog. Alternatively, you can send them directly to me at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com.


b) Pass on a link to this page: If you agree with my ideas (and even if you donít) please pass on a link to this page to your friends and relatives and let them consider these ideas for themselves.


c) Translate this book: I am seeking competent volunteers to translate this book into Indian languages after it is ready (by about early to mid-2010). It may take six to eight months of your spare time after that to translate it; so it will be a lot of work! There will also be very little reward - just your name on the main page of the translation, presuming the translation does get published. But your work will definitely do some potential good for India. So if you are still interested, please write to me with a brief summary of your background.







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