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Becoming Rich and Powerful:
A Primer for the Citizens of
Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.


(This material is not only incomplete, but in great flux. It is being written and re-written over and over again. So watch out for rough edges and loose ends! In fact, as I review this for practically the first time now (in Word format), I find the material full of typos and even spelling mistakes, among others. I do not propose to correct these, here.

... (early March, 1998) In the meanwhile I have taken a decision to try to use the print media as the targeted medium of this work (the internet has a rather limited audience, and you can't take your computer to the bathroom). Therefore, all further work is being done "internally" on my own computer in Word. At the moment, therefore, only this very preliminary outline is up on the web for you to browse, but this does give some of the flavor. Please send me suggestions/ views if any, which could include things like names of potential publishers for this kind of work.)


1. The Importance of Making a Lot of Money (alias "Economic Development") and Being the Big Gun in the World

2. The Ultimate Source of all Wealth and Power: Your Head and the Ideas You Think

3. Comparing Capitalism and Socialism: Finding a system capable of supporting the human Head.

4.Lessons from Economics: - the science that tells us How to Make the Most Money with the Least Risk.

5.Something deeper than Economics. The Quest for Excellence in the West.

6. Our institutional development (political/ administrative/ educational/ judicial)

6a. What is wrong with our economic reform?

7. Urban development: Why should we resist the growth of large, beautiful cities?

8. Rural development: This cannot be the right way

9. Population and Environment: Both these are minor issues.

10. Social and cultural development: The Importance of Being Reasonable

11. We are One Nation (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh): The Original Melting Pot

12. Our Defence must be based on Strong Nuclear Might (co-authored with Murthy Durvasula)

13. India in the 21st century: The time to catch up and then, to be the Rich Wise Big Brother of the World [nothing yet]

14.The World of the 22nd century: Time to End Nationalism [nothing yet]

15. The Time to Liberate the Indian Mind is Here and Now: Are You the leader I am looking for?

(Now that I have something to say, how do I get this to the People?)

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