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Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok,

Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Meghalaya,
Shillong, 793 001, India.
Alumni of Department of Economics,
University of Southern California,
Los Angeles , California, USA 90089

SAS/RCF/10/98 dated the 7th of August, 1999.

Dear friend,

  1. This is my research page. My term papers and dissertation proposal are linked here, in the Microsoft Word 6.0 / Word97/ Excel97 format. My area of specialization is economic demography and economic development.

  2. Dissertation: The dissertation proposal - which was approved by my Guidance Committee on the 1st of May, 1997 - and related material, can be obtained by clicking here. I defended my disseration on the 13th of April, 1999, and the Ph.D. was posted on the 10th August, 1999. Dissertation is not available for circulation in soft-copy format. Pl. contact UMI for hard copy/ microfilm

  3. Term Papers: Click here to access my term papers.

  4. Book list: The last books borrowed from the library at USC: here. Books borrowed by Smita are here.

  5. Academic resources These are my frequently used academic resources.

  6. Seminars presented.

    The following list of organizations/ associations is being collected for possible submission of papers/ seminars in the future:

    1. Bill Goffe's Comprehensive list of Economic Societies and Associations
    2. American Economic Association | Search the AEA members list

  7. The job market for economists, 1999.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Sanjeev Sabhlok)
Fax #s: in USA: (708) 810-9202; in Delhi: (91-11) 551-1248;
in Shillong: (91-364) 225978; in Gurgaon: (91-124) 360 -173
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