Known as Biji (Mother) by all who knew her, including her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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Thanks for this picture to Ansh Vohra, great grandson.



In Commemoration


Bijiís passing away is very sad, but also very calming, as Biji was in need of the rest. Her suffering from pain has now ended.

Biji always remained one of the most cherished persons among those who knew her, radiating love all around: pure love. She had become an institution by herself, always glad to see and to bless all members of her family.


Biji was also our link to the freedom struggle. She gave away her imported blue frock and an imported doll (which were very dear to her as a child) to be burnt in a huge bonfire on Gandhiji's call. Later, many leaders used to assemble in her house.


Biji did not get to experience many luxuries in her life; indeed, she went through significant privations after the partition of 1947, living in a very ordinary little house in a corner of Ambala City. But when you saw her, you could never ever tell; for these things mattered only marginally. The big picture was never lost sight of - her strong faith, and her engagement with the people around her. She therefore remains a benchmark for all that is good in a person.


Biji now rests in peace, having lived a truly complete life. A brilliant life, lived simply and dutifully in the care of her large family, all members of which turned out to be successful in their own ways.  


This web page marks a place to remember Biji and to celebrate her life.  All members of her family, and others who knew her, are invited to send their contributions (something about her life as they knew it Ė in English or Hindi, or scanned photos of her) to Sanjeev, grandson. All contributions will be posted on this web site, through appropriate links.