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 * An amazing read

* Great primer on India

* [H]ighly recommend … to anyone who wants to understand Individual liberty in an Indian context.

* An ‘Ode to Freedom’

* I highly recommend you find out for yourself what Sanjeev has to say

* This is a real good account for … all those who dream, yearn [for], and envisage … a great India!

* Deserves serious reading

Update 9 July 2009. I wish to note that after completion of the first print run of this book, Anthem Press and I have mutually agreed to bring the contract for publication of this book in India or elsewhere to an end, without obligation. I wish to thank Anthem Press for their having taken up this book for publication. – Sanjeev Sabhlok.

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By Sanjeev Sabhlok

Anthem Press, mid-December 2008


‘It must be read by every Indian’

- Gurcharan Das, author of India Unbound


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The Discovery of Freedom

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If you have not yet lost your optimism about India, and are not bogged down in unproductive cynicism which is typical of most Indians, then consider joining the Freedom Team. India needs at least 1500 leaders to contest elections and take reforms such as those proposed in this book to the people.

Note dated 12 January 2009: I'd like to emphasise that this book is not an attempt to make money: it is about reforming India. For instance, I have declined royalties till 5,000 copies sell so that that money can be put into marketing. I have also decided that I'll contribute all royalties for sales  between 5,000 copies and 20,000, to the Freedom Team of India


after subtracting my cost of marketing the book on the internet (I run google, yahoo and facebook ads). It is up to you to read this book and, if you agree with its message of freedom, to join (or otherwise support) the movement for reform that India needs (Freedom Team). I am totally serious about this: we must, and we can, change India, in our lifetime. Let's do it.


My background. I have a doctorate in economics, and was formerly a member of the Indian Administrative Service (from 1982-2001). Upon resigning from the service in January 2001, I moved to Australia where I work in the public sector in regulatory policy. This book highlights India’s expensive but disastrous experiment with socialism. It proposes a way forward for India to become a great nation with freedom and ethical governance. My article in the Times of India in 2007 talked of some of these reforms.


I came to the view in 1998 that reforms needed in India must start at the top. I refuse, however, to join any of the major (and corrupt) political parties in India. Instead, since 2000 I have made three attempts to form an Indian political party grounded in freedom and ethics. I commenced a fourth attempt in early 2008 to build a platform for leaders with the aim of launching a movement for freedom and integrity in India.   



Read the (draft) ‘sister’ book: I am currently writing a sister book, The Discovery of Freedom which outlines the theory underpinning the policies suggested in Breaking Free of Nehru. The draft manuscript of this book is likely to remain available freely at least till mid-2009.

Thanks, and a request:


I’d like to thank all those who have written to me since I placed this manuscript online in April 2007. Your comments can inform future editions of the book, so please post them at the blog for this book or write to me at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com. Also, if you agree with some of my ideas (and even if you don’t) please pass on a link to this web page to your friends and relatives in India. Let them consider these ideas themselves.


I am on the lookout for competent volunteers to translate my book into Indian languages. I’ve been fortunate enough to get two volunteers, one for Hindi and one for Malayalam and I thank them immensely for their kindness. I’m now looking for translators other languages. It may take six months of your spare time, so it is a lot of work! There will be very little reward as well—just your name on the main page and some potential good of the country, presuming the translation gets published (Anthem Press has rights to these translations at the moment). Despite these limitations, if you are interested in translating this book, please write to me at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com with a brief summary of your background.


Thanks for your ongoing interest.




What is this book about?


In this book I reflect on India’s post-independence experience and discuss the impact of Nehruvian socialism on freedom in India. I find Nehruvian socialism as the primary cause of India's political and bureaucratic corruption, its poverty, and its large, illiterate population.


I then suggest that India needs to completely discard its socialist paradigms and move towards capitalism and governance based on the principles of freedom. I propose suggestions to transform India from its present moral bankruptcy to greatness, thorough competitive, freedom-based solutions. Many of these solutions already work in the more free countries.  Throughout, I argue that India can, and should, aspire to be the world’s best in everything it does. I am convinced there is no point in wasting one’s life trying to be the second best.


The solutions I recommend range from a re-write of the Indian Constitution to make it simpler and clearly focused on freedom, to the radical restructure of the Indian public services. In particular, I discuss specific reforms of the Indian bureaucracy (link to my Times of India article, once again) and how the corrupt politics of India can be cleaned up (link to an independent review of chapter 5 of the book). In this regard I advocate state funding of elections and raising the salaries of politicians significantly. I discuss ways to eliminate poverty through a negative income tax, and to educate everyone to their highest potential, to free the labour market, to impose carbon taxes on greenhouse gases, and to seek compensatory payments from developed countries for their prior carbon emissions. 


It is my recommendation that India must not delay reforming its governance any further. It should adopt the lessons from the world’s leaders in governance and stop its mindless corruption and the destruction of its people’s potential. 


Note: To download the spreadsheet used for the calculations in chapter 4, click here.


Forthcoming: This book, Breaking Free of Nehru, started as A short history of freedom in early 2005. It grew and grew so it had to be split into two separate books. The first of these is called Breaking Free of Nehru. The second was entitled ‘A short logic and history freedom’ but this title is likely to change. The second one is currently in its first draft. I plan to put out the third draft for public comment on the internet in July 2008, like I did with Breaking Free of Nehru in April 2007. After that the book will undergo at least 5-6 more revisions before publication (provided someone agrees to publish it!).

Link this web page to yours: This book has a ‘word-of-mouth’ “business model”. If you like the manuscript please link this page to your website or blog. Here’s the relevant HTML code: 

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Picture to the right:

Painting (Oil: on ‘oil paper’ May 1975) by Sanjeev Sabhlok (author) while he was a year 10 student in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Picket, Secunderabad. This was painted a few months before Indira Gandhi’s declared Emergency.


The image depicts the hunger and poverty found in India. It mocks the ‘Garibi Hatao’ and Family Planning initiatives (inverted red triangle) of Indira Gandhi. Note in particular the pretentious placement of Indira’s hand (also the symbol of Congress (I)) seemingly reflecting concern for the poor, even as her shifty eyes behind a veil show us the truth about her corrupt socialist vision: a vision founded on deception, autocracy, and the destruction of entrepreneurship in the country.


These policies were to doom India for 60 years, and will continue to doom India’s millions unless someone can completely reverse India’s political ideology.


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1. Jesus Lived In India -Holger Kersten, Rs 295.00
2. Fooled By Randomness -Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
Rs 2950.00
3. Hot, Flat, And Crowded -Thomas L Friedman, Rs 595.00
4. Breaking Free Of Nehru: Let’s Unleash India!
- Sanjeev Sabhlok, Rs 495.00
5. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish -Rashmi Bansal, Rs 125.00







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