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Our Vision for India

The new millennium dawns

The new millennium is dawning. A nation, 5000 years old, with riches untold in the minds of its millions of people, lies beaten, rotting, stinking, in the back alleyways of the world. This is clearly not the India whose magnificent glory, wealth and power, attracted hordes of political entrepreneurs and migrants from all over the world 5,000 years ago and for thousands of years hence. Till recently, that is. Nobody wants to migrate to India any longer, except people in search of personal salvation by 'serving our poor.' People want to leave India, instead. The lines outside the embassies of Western nations are full of people, young and old, wanting to leave India on any pretext.

Being physically beaten at times, is a part of life. Being morally and mentally beaten is not. A mere 225 years ago, Adam Smith acknowledged that India was at least as wealthy as any other nation in the world. What happened in the meanwhile is not that the West mutated into a genetically superior race but they "Westernized" their attitudes. Indians have yet to to become scientfic. The result is that today we are not only 20 to 80 times poorer,1 per capita, than the United States of America, but we do not even believe in ourselves. The goals set by the Victory of India Party, below, in fact appear comical to many. Hilarious. Indians nervously laugh as they read this. Then turn their face away lest their sheepishness be observed. They are mentally beaten.

But wait. This is not a fantasy. It is a simple truth that will be unveiled and actualized as time goes by. Like it as not, India will, Phoenix-like, re-emerge from the bottom of today's heap of nations and take its rightful place at the top.

Jointly, we shall make this happen. This is the time to "do or die" in the real sense of the word. The time to catch up is now. Else the entire technological and economic revolution will pass us by. Forever.

[this party could not be started in 2000 as planned. The next stage depends on you]

1Depending on the way income is measured.

The Victory of India Party (VIP) has a vision for India. It is the only political party in India that actually believes in India. It believes in our past as a great nation. It believes even more in our destiny as the most populous nation, as well as the greatest nation on earth, in the not-so-distant future. The VIP believes in the creativity, power and heroism of every Indian.

The VIP shall apply democratic methods and proven scientific and economic research to achieve three simple goals:

  1. Wealth: To make India the most prosperous nation in the world. In the process we shall completely banish (not merely alleviate) poverty from the face of India.

  2. Knowledge: To make Indians capable of contributing to human learning to such an extent that we win the most Nobel Prizes among any nation in the world.

  3. Physical power: To make Indians strong and fast, to make them capable of winning the top position in the Olympics and in every other sport and human endeavour.

The Victory of India Party will take India to Victory as the Best Place to Be on This Beautiful, Blue Planet.

There is much material in this web page and beyond, intended to convince the most hardened sceptic of the feasibility of these three goals. But even then you, as a pioneer believer in this vision, would face much doubt from others. Once finally convinced, however, you could help others understand. Our combined power, and our combined use of the best methods, will get us to the goal. Then, once you are ready, please join VIP.

In the end, the power that VIP wants from the people of India, through moral victory in the competition for ideas and honest analysis, is the power to change India's destiny from a sick looking dog on the streets of the world to that of a fierce, powerful bulldog; a protector of its people, and well-groomed.

The VIP knows that not only is this vision achievable, but that it is achievable within our own lifetimes. The mechanism of how to make this happen has partially been worked out. You are invited to contribute to the finalization of this plan. A Manifesto is in the process of being drafted. We also need to prepare short, crisp and persuasive fliers on various topics to be able to persuade people about various policies. We need powerful, clear thinking, self-assured Indians as members of the Shadow Cabinet. Anyone from the age of 10 onward is welcome to participate in this process.

Quietly confident in our determination, we move onward to make India the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen, or shall ever see.

Come, let us join hands together to achieve this vision for our country. As a first step toward this great task, please join India Policy, a discussion group seeking to define policy for India. You can browse through the publicly available web archives of the discussions, if you like, before deciding to hop on.

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1. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the ideological preferences of our Political Competitors so that you make informed decisions about your choices. The political choices you make today will determine, as surely as the night follows the day, the India that you will live in tomorrow.

2. The political system in India is governed by rules framed by the Election Commission of India.